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Afro Nation Canada is a not-for-profit community-based organization that promotes African music in Vancouver through its annual flagship music festival Afro Nation.

Established in 2000, Music Africa is among the oldest and most respected organizations promoting African music in Canada. Through its activities and events, such as the annual Black History Month Concert Series, Music Africa is committed to enhancing appreciation and awareness of African music among Canadians and continues to strive to establish Toronto as a thriving global centre for African music.

About Us

Through our programming over the years, AFRO NATION CANADA has become one of the most important African cultural organizations in Canada. We present multicultural events and initiatives that aim at celebrating the beauty and diversity of African cultural heritage and reducing or eliminating anti-Black racism in Canada.


Hezron has been compared to Reggae greats such as Beres Hammond and international star, Luther Vandross. He can be defined as one of the most charismatic, consistent and chart topping reggae artiste around. His determination, persistence, and discipline in staying true to who he is as an artiste and the true reggae music will ultimately take him to that pinnacle, where he so absolutely deserves to be.

Programs & Services

Get to know us and our goals. We are providing Afro-Caribbean artists, musicians, filmmakers, and creators with platforms, resources, and opportunities to showcase their talents to BC, Canadian, and global audiences. We are committed to fostering collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, with the aim of promoting African culture and talent in all its forms.


Promote and support emerging artists by providing networking, contacts, media training, and general education on a path to success.

Gender Justice

We recognize that woman are often overlooked and discredited in the music industry. Working toward empowering female emerging artists with important industry skills and knowledge.

Social Justice

We are a voice for marginalized artists assisting them with much needed support by advocating for their rights within Canada and globally.

Settlement Services

Supporting artists in transitioning to life in Canada. Assisting with the necessary paperwork, and language services, understanding your rights, and accessing education in language to navigate our growing and diverse country.

Event planning and acquisition involve the organization and execution of events, ranging from small gatherings to large-scale conferences or festivals. Successful event planning requires careful attention to detail, effective communication, and strategic decision-making.

Check out our events page for information on current events in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Ontario, and British Columbia, Canada. Check back often for all the information you need to find a party near you. Bringing the beats locally and internationally.

Supporting local and international radio stations through promotion. Local radio stations play a crucial role in connecting communities, providing information, entertainment, and a platform for local voices. These stations serve as a vibrant and dynamic part of the media landscape, offering content that is often tailored to the interests and needs of their specific communities.

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